GoDaddy Office365 to Microsoft Office365 Migration- Part 4

Migration Tools

Office365 Tenant to Tenant migration is a supported scenarios for most of the leading migration tools.

Third Party Paid Tools

Quest – On Demand Migration

Code Two – Office365 Migration

BitTitan – MigrationWiz

Cloudiway – Migration between Office365 Tenants

BinaryTree – Power365 Migration

I have listed few of the leading tools available for a Cross tenant migration. However, each tool needs to be evaluated specifically with the requirement. The capability of each tool vary and sometimes needs proper evaluation to confirm which one suits your requirement.

Free Tools

Not every organization can afford the third party tools, especially smaller companies. Few of the third party tools needs a minimum user count for them to consider. Lets look at the different options available within Microsoft which are offered without any additional cost. – Acquired by Microsoft in 2019 and now one of the key tool to help with SharePoint migration

Cross Tenant Mailbox Migration – Capable of migrating mailboxes from one tenant to another

Backups and Restore – Manually or using scripts/native tools

If the migration needs to be done using Free Tools, Its also important to have

  • Experts on Mover and Cross Tenant Migrator
  • Experts on PowerShell as half of the activities needs to be scripted
  • Good planning on sequencing multiple activities which needs to be moving in parallel

Third Party tools can provide a single console for all different migration activates happening in parallel and help to properly sequence the activities.

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