GoDaddy Office365 to Microsoft Office365 Migration- Part 2

Initial Assessment

This should be the starting point for Migration Team.

On a high level, Migration team should have clarity on what all needs to be migrated and what volume of data needs to be migrated. The different segments and the respective areas are listed below.

Azure AD

  1. User Objects
  2. Groups and Group Memberships
  3. Azure AD Register Devices
  4. Azure AD Joined Devices
  5. Policies on Password expiry, Lockout, MFA etc
  6. External Identities
  7. Enterprise Applications using Azure AD for authentication
  8. External Applications using Azure AD for authentication
  9. On-premise AD Sync

Exchange Online

  1. User Mailboxes along with SMTP domains used
  2. Any delegation on user mailbox
  3. Shared Mailboxes along with SMTP domains used
  4. Shared Mailbox Access and Send As Access
  5. Resource Mailboxes
  6. M365 Groups with membership details
  7. Distribution Groups / Security Groups with membership details
  8. Any Application Integrations
  9. Mailbox size of User Mailboxes as well as Shared Mailboxes
  10. Policies specific to email address
  11. Transport Rules
  12. Accepted Domains
  13. Inbound and Outbound email routing
  14. Mx Records

SharePoint Online

  1. SharePoint Sites with URLs and Size
  2. OneDrive for Business URLs and Size


  1. Teams with membership details
  2. Team Channels on each Team
  3. Private Team Channels with membership details
  4. SharePoint URL for backend SharePoint document library – For Teams as well as each private channels
  5. Any additional applications used within Teams channels


  1. How public DNS is hosted
  2. Who can update the DNS records

This is the minimum list and team can expand further.

Once the assessment phase is over, We can move on to the planning phase.

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